Nepal Earthquake report 8th May

The BIA team had another full and successful day! The Field Team went out to deliver the tin sheets to a community in Nuwakot that was in desperate need of shelter.

The team split into two groups with one building a shelter next to a damaged monastery in order to house the worst hit family of the village. The other team went up the mountain to deliver almost 300 pieces of metal tin, provide the services of a nurse and medicine, as well as distribute sanitary pads and vital information to protect them from human trafficking (Shakti Samuha Nepal). We were received with much appreciation and joy from everyone and once again learned many valuable lessons to improve our operations in the future.
The BIA Organization and Coordination team was busy attending the Food Security Cluster meeting at the WFP (World Food Program) offices in order to better understand the needs of the affected communities. In this meeting the participants were advised that the most important need of all communities at the moment is SHELTER! They stressed the fact that giving bags of rice when there is no place to store them will be a big waste of time if and when it rains. Furthermore, shelter is needed not only for the people, but also for their livestock. The rainy season is about to start and after that will come winter, without any proper shelter, their animals that provide vital sustenance (eggs, milk, meat, etc) will die and will leave their owners in even dire conditions. The other important lesson that our team learned was that we should focus on providing seeds for the upcoming planting season and that different seeds are needed at different altitudes! Such information can make a big difference in providing to the community in a smart and sustainable way.
Day 10 – May 8th 2015:
– Field team gathered at SOH and went to deliver supplies and
information to protect again human trafficking to two villages in
– Organization and Coordination team attended Food Security
Cluster Meeting.
– More pictures were taken of the damage at Swayambu.
– Bought 300 blankets and donated 120 of those to Karmapa ShamarNag Committee to distribute in a village

Nepal Earthquake report 8th May
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