Nepal Earthquake report 7th May

The whole BIA team is in action putting your very generous donations to good use!Today we identified our next destination thanks to the scouting work of Chogyal Rinpoche and Gokarna Dhungana.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Nuwakot and will be delivering 500 1m X 3m pieces of tin roofing in order for the villagers to build themselves temporary homes! The community we are targeting is currently not in need of any food or water but they have no place to sleep as most of their homes have been destroyed. Your donations will provide them with tin roofing as well as foam pad bedding to sleep on.

BIA is very pleased to be partnering with Shakti Samuha Nepal to get the information out to villages that there are criminal organizations pretending to be coming to help but with the intention of abducting and trafficking Nepali girls. Thanks to The Guardian article posted on FaceBook by Erin Lee, BIA found out about Shakti Samuha and their activities and will be bringing three of their team members on the field trip tomorrow so that they can distribute information and provide counselling to those in need.

Lastly, based on the recommendation given at the Foreign Medical Team (FMT) meeting, we are bringing a large number of sanitary pads to distribute, especially considering that most villages are without any functioning toilets at the moment.

We will be busy on multiple fronts in the next days and we will keep sharing with you the daily report of our activities!

Day 9 – May 7th 2015:
– Had morning meeting to recap on yesterday’s field trip and plan
activities for the day.
– Went to Nuwakot to assess situation and needs of villages in
– Went to Shakti-Samuha to meet with the team and try to combine
efforts to protect at-risk women in Nepal.
– Bought supplies for emergency pack for field team to be better
prepared for trips.
– Transferred another 275,000 NPR to donation pack.
– Bought tin roofing, nails, foam pad bedding, sanitary pads.
– Updated donations and expenses list.


Nepal Earthquake report 7th May
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