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BIA Awards 2019 Nominee Form


BIA Thangka Institute Chabahil, Nepal


BIA Applique Thangka Institute Jorpati, Nepal


BIA Pashmina Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal


BIA Tailoring Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal


BIA Organic Farm, Nepal


BIA Statue Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal


BIA Cell-Phone Repair, Nepal

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BIA Bamboo Handicraft Institute, Jorpati


BIA Incense Institute, Jorpati

BIA (Boddhisattvas In Action)

In Sanskrit the meaning of Bodhisattva is an ‘enlightened being’ but traditionally a Bodhisattva is anyone motivated by great compassion. Bodhisattvas in Action (BIA) is a social non-government organization founded by Chogyal Rinpoche with the pure objective of helping the disabled and the underprivileged people. Registered under the government of Nepal on September 9, 2014, the organization is striving towards expanding its work with the disabled by creating employment opportunities through harmonious communities for such people.

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BIA supports ideas of taking actions to help those in need while at the same time set up the trend of doing something for others.


We seek to transform the world starting one person at a time! By fabricating projects with the aim to transform consciousness, we inspire all to act through loving compassion and create the most beautiful world imaginable.


Our ultimate goal extends beyond the provision of initial support to generate employment opportunities for the disabled in the society. We aspire to continuous growth (working nationally and internationally) creating sustainable projects for all disabled people throughout the country.

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