Nepal Earthquake report 6th May

We just received amazing news from our Field Team that their trip was a success!

Our team said that BIA was the first organization to reach this village and provide supplies. We only have a few pictures that the team had sent us via mobile and we’ve attached them to our daily report. It took them more than 6hrs to reach the village as they said the roads were very “difficult” but besides that, we don’t have many details at the moment.

The second team is continuing it’s efforts to locate and identify orphans of the earthquake in order to start the process of giving them a new home at Sertshang Orphanage. Today they went to the Kanti’s Children’s Hospital and met with the administration and although this particular hospital does not deal with orphaned children, they provided us with vital information in terms of the next organizations to contact.

Furthermore, today the second team also attended the Foreign Medical Team (FMT) meeting at the Ministry of Health and Population to gather accurate and relevant information about the current relief efforts ongoing in Nepal. The meeting was chaired by the WHO and the Ministry of Health and the BIA team was able to gather some useful information to better coordinate and plan it’s own activities. There is still a gap between the “grass root” organizations like ourselves and the official NGOs but from our side we will try our best to inform them of our activities. The team found out that there are a number of people with spinal cord injuries and that they expect the final count to be 200 to 300 people with spinal cord injuries. At the meeting they made contact with the International Handicapped representative and provided her with the BIA contact information. They plan to follow-up with them and find the right time to go and meet those who have suffered injuries in the earthquake in order to tell them about BIA and our activities providing sustainable employment and careers for disabled people.

Lastly, the work continues to document the damage to all the monasteries within our lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Today one of our photographers visited four monasteries and took over 900 pictures to send to our engineers as preparation for their arrival and assessment.

Day 8 – May 6th 2015:
– Contacted Buddhist Relief Services who have indicated that there
is an urgent need to find homes for orphans.
– Field team went to remote village 50km outside of Kathmandu to
deliver supplies.
– Went to Kanti’s Children’s Hospital.
– Went to Foreign Medical Team (FMT) meeting at the Ministry of
Health and Population.
– Documented damage at four monasteries.

Nepal Earthquake report 6th May
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