Nepal Earthquake report 5th May

Dear Friends!

Today was a productive day as both teams got into action!

The team responsible for identifying potential orphans to relocated at SOH met with Mrs. Namuna Bhusal, Program Manager at the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, Central Child Welfare Board.

We had a short but very nice meeting and informed Mrs. Bhusal of Rinpoche’s wish provide a home for 10-30 additional children at SOH. As the Child Welfare Board is still in the process of identifying and documenting cases of children orphaned by the earthquake, they will contact us in the near future to start the formal process! Very exciting!

The Field Team is completely organized and ready to go! AMAZING!! They have identified a village with about 200 people that need supplies. They will head out tomorrow morning around 10:00am with six vehicles including a medical team. Below you will find the list of supplies that they will be bringing. Our trusted Tokpa Korlo will be there to document (Tokpa Korlo Photography) and share with you the activity of the team!

The BIA team, through our generous Swiss donors, has given 100,000 NPR to buy rice and dal for an affected village with 145 people, who did not receive any help yet. This village was identified thanks to the monks of Tharig Rinpoche.

Lastly, we went to the Israeli field hospital this evening and were blessed to meet the Deputy Commander, Joel (he didn’t want me to call him Mr.!) who spent a good thirty minutes listening to us as we were wondering if they could provide a physician for tomorrow’s Field Team. We told him about BIA’s activities with disabled people and he personally brought us to meet a 15yo boy who’s arm was amputated after having been crushed in the earthquake. It was heartbreaking to see this young kid still in a state of shock. Joel had told us before that this boy seemed completely lost and thought it would be a good idea for us to meet him personally. I hope his Mom will contact the BIA Foundation when the time is right. We’ll be going back to the field hospital again in the next days.

The Field Team bought:
– Rice 50 bags of 30kg
– Salt 50 bags of 1kg
– Soap 50 bars
– 50 bed sheets
– 20+ blankets
– Water purifying pills
– Medical supplies from Switzerland and Poland
– 30 cases of mineral water donated from Luis Carvalho

Day 7 – May 5th 2015:

– Donation to Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche from Polish and Swiss
– Meeting at BIA with Chogyal Rinpoche to organise teams and
activities for the day.
– Attended and documented (photography) the meeting of the
Karmapa ShamarNag Foundation.
– Bought supplies for tomorrow’s field operation to village outside
– Organised team with medical personnel to go to village tomorrow.
– Visited monastery of Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche in Bhaktapur in
order to document all damages to inform engineers that will come
– Met with Tharig Rinpoche and requested two monks to support
our field team tomorrow.
– Went to Central Child Welfare Board to inform them about
Rinpoche’s wish to provide a home to 10-30 additional orphans at
– Arrival of Tokpa Korlo and 17:00 meeting with Rinpoche.
– Went to Israeli field hospital and met with the Deputy



Nepal Earthquake report 5th May
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