Nepal Earthquake report 9th May

Your BIA team is continuously looking for the best way to support and help the Nepali people in their time of need and today we took a look at a very promising project!

At Aasharya Nepal, an engineering college in Kathmandu, a group of young and creative engineers have come up with a design for affordable, locally sourced and easy to build shelters. At a cost of ca. 13000 NPR (130€) per house, these houses are able to provide shelter for up to five people and can be built in a matter of days! We are in the final stages of discussion and planning and if these houses meet our requirements (we are considering many factors in our decision), we hope to be able to announce a partnership and project to build 100! It’s an exciting prospect and we will keep you posted!

The team also scouted two potential villages where these houses could be built but neither met the criteria which we had set out as being required to consider them as viable options. The first village had unfortunately not taken any steps to clear their damaged buildings as they are expecting the government to provide them with money for rebuilding, and thus are waiting for the officials to come and confirm the damage. The second village was beyond our capability in terms of size and damage. Just to clear the damaged buildings will take many, many months. We hope that there will be better equipped NGOs to tackle such places as they are in need of help.

After more consideration, the team is hoping to work in collaboration with the engineering college and to focus on the villages that they have already identified in the Sindhupalchok district.

On our way back to the BIA Office we went by the Israeli military hospital again, hoping to meet the boy with the amputated arm to see how he was doing. Unfortunately we were too late as he had already been discharged and the IDF were in the process of closing up their field hospital as they are leaving on Monday. However, thanks to the kindness and generosity of Joel, the Deputy Commander of the hospital, we left with everything we could carry in terms of medicine, gauze, bandages, etc. They gave us everything they could that did not need a Doctor to administer. We can’t thank Joel enough for his actions! We are a small team here at BIA compared to others out there and so to be taken seriously and to be worthy of consideration by a professional medical hospital commander is very humbling.

Day 11 – May 9th 2015:
– Visited engineering college to assess their house building project
and our ability to collaborate.
– Visited two potential villages that could benefit from new houses
as per specification from engineering college.
– Tokpa visited and documented the damage at Swayambhu

Nepal Earthquake report 9th May

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