Buddhist teaching at My Peace Music School

On 21st sept This programme was organized for the first time at MY PEACE INSTITUTE KALIMPONG by the senior student of DIWAKAR BUDDHIST ACADEMY .
BASIC DHARMA TEACHING and Talks was given related to these topics:

∙Short introduction to Buddhism: Buddha’s life story
∙Why we are following Buddhism?
∙Meaningful Life: Buddhism as a way
∙About faith, compassion the basis of Buddhism
∙About how to listen any spiritual teachings,
∙What to avoid and what to adopt as a good conduct,

∙About common activities: practical advises for our daily life
∙How to offer pure water and its benefits,
∙How to offer butter lamps and its benefits,
∙How to prostrate and its benefits,
∙How to circumambulate holy places like stupas and its benefit 

Buddhist teaching at My Peace Music School

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