BIA Tailoring Institute inauguration

     We are happy to share the wonderful news that on the 5th of February in Kathmandu, the BIA Tailoring Institute was officially inaugurated by Chogyal Rinpoche.

     It is the next institute organized by the BIA Foundation to help disabled people to find work. There are further two more art workshops: BIA Applique Institute and BIA Tankga Institute.

     At the BIA Tailoring Institute there are currently six people enrolled to start learning tailoring. In the future their work will be promoted in collaboration with BIA in order for them to develop an income source and become self-sufficient.

     The building is specifically adapted to be wheelchair friendly.

     The BIA Foundation not only organizes workshops and teaches disabled people, but it also gives them jobs and great lives! Our mission is to act, not only talk. This is one more example of Bodhisattvas in Action!


BIA Tailoring Institute inauguration
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