BIA lets join hands interview

BiA Foundation and Hope magazine interview DifferentlyAble in BIA lets join hands project.

You can’t imagine how happy I am today. BIA Foundation team is working toward giving skill and creating a more jobs for differently able people in Nepal. “We believe there are many DiffirentlyAble people who have skill or great ideas in Nepal …But how to find them. So, media is the best way” Since few weeks BIA Foundation and Hope Magazine are working together to get more DiffirentlyAble skillful people and their ideas from all over Nepal through Nepal TV channel, Radio FM, magazine etc… Till today we got more than 130 proposals. Still more are coming. Today we interviewed 72 differentlyAble people. From 10am till 4:30pm. None stop! Great joy! Blind 10, deaf 2, wheelchair user 49, physical challenge 11. On 3th Jan 2015 we are inviting 150 DiffirentlyAble to join Final Program. I need your pray and blessing that I can help more and more people…

This is my Dharma!



BIA lets join hands interview
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