Nepal Earthquake report 15th May

Following the heartwarming and joyful “drawing therapy” daycare that was set up yesterday, the Daycare Team went out to buy coloring material and sweets for three hundred children! We are in the process of identifying the next village where we can set up and offer a few hours of drawing to children, and a few hours of rest to parents.

After intensive research and meetings we have put on hold our partnership with the Kathmandu Architecture College to build one hundred temporary shelters. One of the main concerns we have at the moment is the possibility that building such shelters for villagers will prevent them in the future from getting Government aid to rebuild their own homes. Discussions continue at all levels and if we get the assurances we need we will review the situation as a team and decide on the best way forward. In the meantime, we are buying tin metal sheets to help villagers to build and put a roof over their heads before the start of the monsoon season. 

Here in Kathmandu we delivered a letter to the Swayanbu police HQ today informing them about our willingness and ability to give a home to children that have been orphaned by the earthquake. We were very well and kindly received and to our big surprise they provided the information of two orphans on the spot! We will now start the process of assessing if we can indeed be the right home for these two children.

In the process of identifying the next village that we will deliver supplies to, we have started to stock up on what we know will be necessary no matter where we go. We have medicine, tarps and are arranging for tools and tin metal sheets as well.

By Sunday May 17th we will have our printed flyers to distribute in hospitals to people who have suffered disabilities and whom we might be able to train and provide employment to in the future. Our hearts are filled with hope that we might bring a bit of light and the prospect of something good in what we can only imagine to be an unbelievably challenging period in their lives.

Day 17 – May 15th 2015:
– Had two-hour meeting to discuss next steps and the best way
for the team to accomplish tasks together.
– Working on BIA flyer to inform disabled people of training and
employment possibilities.
– Securing supplies (tin, tools, etc) for next field operation.
– Bought papers, crayons, sweets, etc. for Daycare Team
– Started identification and assessment process for next field
– Wrote and provided letter to Swayambhu police HQ to inform
them of our willingness and ability to give a home to children
orphaned by the earthquake.
– Bought 100+ tarps for upcoming field operations.


Nepal Earthquake report 15th May

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