Nepal Buddhist Association

Aims and Objectives:

  • Preservation of Buddhist culture in Nepal

When Chogyal Rinpoche visited rural areas, and provided the communities with relief materials after the earthquake in 2015, he saw their gumbas – places of rituals, meditation, community gatherings – in ruins. Without non-governmental support and initiatives, the villagers would not be able to reconstruct or renovate them.

The initial spark for establishing the Nepal Buddhist Association in Kathmandu in 2016 was the wish to help those communities to rebuild their gumbas. The overall goal is to reconstruct a total of 108. So far more than twelve have come into existence.

At the same time, the NBA aims at providing rural communities and the Ngakpas (Buddhist lay priests) with the necessary support and material to learn, study and practice the Buddha’s teachings. The NBA organizes lectures, provides texts and books and offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and for joint practice. All of this is orchestrated in the hope of preserving and making Buddhist teachings accessible.

Buddha Shakyamuni was born in Nepal, and his teachings and the culture that emanated from it was – and still is – invaluable asset to Nepal, as well as to the rest of the world.

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