BIA Statue Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal

BIA Statue Institute, Jorpati

Statues are indispensable items for practitioners of every religion, both nationally and internationally which is why this project is a central part of BIA. Disabled people are among the most marginalized in our social sphere and have very limited opportunities in every sector. Having successfully initiated a handful of projects for the disabled people, Chogyal Rinpoche wanted to commence a few other similar endeavors. One day, while on a spiritual course in Chauni, he noticed a huge statue of Buddha on the ground floor of the building where the course was being conducted. The statue felt very impressive although it was just under construction. This immediately triggered his mind to transform the idea to one of the projects. The inquisitive Rinpoche made no delay to inquire about the artist Bijay Shrestha, the man behind the magnificent work of art. Shrestha, who is a renowned artists in Nepal readily agreed to help him with the project.

Accumulating a few students from the event ‘Wheelchair Basketball Competition’ organized by BIA Foundation, the project was commenced on December 16, 2014. This project has not only given them the opportunity to be engaged in art but also provided them a platform to explore their ‘self’ for independent living – by helping them to learn art and create a business opportunity at the same time. Here, disabled members are encouraged to positive living by generating skills in them. The project gives them an opportunity to show up their presence in the society on an equal level with others.