Health is the most important aspect of human life, however today’s world pervaded with rapid industrialization and commercialization has ignored this essence of life – ‘health and ecology’. Agricultural sector seems mostly affected with massive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Realizing an immediate need and importance of furthering sustainable agriculture while at the same time providing employment for the disabled (specifically for the deaf and mute people), BIA initiated this ‘back to the nature campaign’ project.

This undertaking of BIA is also targeted towards the enhancement of living standard of disabled people. Spread across eight ropanis (ca. half an acre) of land in a serene place called Sankhu of Kathmandu, this project has been able to produce different vegetables that could be consumed by the students in BIA and other organizations. Purely intended for those consumers who are concerned about health and quality food products, this project has served in that aspect while also supporting the people with disabilities. Now this project is relocated to to Pharping, a town south of Kathmandu.