Mobile Repairing Institute, Jorpati

Through the activities of this project, located at Narayan Taar, Jorpati, we intend to raise the standard of living of the disabled people whom we employ, by developing their technical skills and helping them to stand on their own. This project is intended for the disabled who think that they are not able to do anything in their life — BIA helps them with free training opportunity to develop their technical skills.

BIA is providing two levels of training – basic and advanced. The teacher, Raju Dhital, who himself is disabled, shares his experience with his students and knows that this kind of training is very effective to prepare them for independent living, nourishing the feeling of dignity within them and also allowing them to be connected with the modern world. Dhital owns a well-run mobile repair shop, which makes a profitable business. He claims that the training would create a good platform to support independent living for the students. With more than ten years of experience in the field of mobile repair, Dhital says with a content smile – “There is nothing like getting engaged in a profession and moulding yourself to be strong and competent in life!”