Creativity and self-expression are important for all people. Being creative and engaging in art provides a number of mental and physical health benefits. Art is proven to reduce anxiety and depression and improve cognitive abilities like memory and reasoning. People living with disabilities have a right to be included in activities and learning experiences as much as any others.

People with cerebral palsy, like anyone else, can and should benefit from creating art, finding self-esteem, seeing their abilities, socializing with peers, and using a creative outlet for expression and communication. Art therapy through painting is probably the most limitless in terms of its benefits. Painting can give a great sense of freedom, being able to paint whatever one wants.

BIA’s Art Therapy Institute is for the people with cerebral palsy where they can explore their thoughts and emotions through art. With guidance from our Art Teacher Sapana Shah, the students are taught the basics of drawing, painting and sketching. The group of young students can be seen happily creating something throughout the day. The classroom can be seen filled with their colorful artworks and their bright smiles.